Artist’s Statement

Artist’s Statement


I am an edge walker. My favorite time of day is twilight, a liminal time – neither night nor day. In my art I explore the edge between light and dark, the state of ambiguity and disorientation that occurs in the middle. I seek to define the crossroads where the natural world meets the occult. I am fascinated by folklore, mysticism and the arcane. Much of my work reflects this interest.

After a hiatus of many years I have come back to painting with oil and acrylic paint. During the years I was not painting, I explored fiber art, book and papermaking, hot glass and photography. I am a colorist-my eye for color is one of my greatest strengths.

Inspiration for my art comes from dreams, from environmental concerns, or from whatever my current fascination might be. Currently I am learning to make mobiles and stabiles with Australian artist Keith Lo Bue, using metal, wood and found objects.

I am always in transition, not sure exactly where I am going. I have a feeling that the destination will be ever changing.

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